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Even though I have grown up around snow since I was little, I enjoy summer very much ^^ I love being in the sun very much



Sister? Hmmm… dropped call I guess

However, you are not getting away this time!

Happy Holidays

Anonymous Asked:
Are you exited for Christmas? :D

My answer:

Of course! My people are very excited to be celebrating Christmas ^^

I also have special present for big sister!

Anonymous Asked:
Can you sing?

My answer:

I am not much of a singer ^^;

Anonymous Asked:
if you had to marry,befriend or kill out of these characters between America, England and Russia what would you choose?

My answer:


thinkingaboutthepuppeteer-deact Asked:
Helloooo! :D Would you like a free bow?? :3 *holds out a free bow*

My answer:

Spasibo! Thank you ^^

Anonymous Asked:
Hello, i was wondering what would you think about cutting your hair short? It would suit you :)

My answer:

Hmmmm… No Anon I have not. B-but I think I would try it one day!

I had just heard about the recent passing of Jessie, the admin for ask-2pfrance.

I am so sorry. I honestly don’t know what to say… although I’ve never actually had the chance to talk or get to know her, I admired her deeply. As a fellow hetalia fan, an artist, and as a person.

My heart and prayers goes out to her family, her friends, and everyone else who was affected by this sudden loss. May she rest easy in heaven.

((Hay you guise!

I got my new laptop and my tablet is all hooked up, so why not sending in some asks? :D

really, I’m kinda bored right now and I think I owe you all a butt load for my absence))

Pryviet! Hello! My name is 2p!Belarus, but you may call me Natalia. I am very happy you came and visited. Please ask a question any time!

((excuse me for the horrible use of Russian/Belarusian language used in any of these posts for google translate is not very reliable))

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